Centers of Power and Spiritual Life in the Middle Ages and in the Early Modern Period

1 сентября 2010

Centers of Power and Spiritual Life in the Middle Ages and in the Early Modern Period

Scholarly research on the structure of urban settlements in medieval and early modern kingdoms and empires has been concerned with the interactions between central power (royal court, residences of the ruler) and the forces behind the urban development for a long time. More recent studies on the medieval and early modern urban hierarchy and the role of power centers are based on interdisciplinary methodologies and on relevant sources of different types. Topographical studies, architectural-historical approaches and archaeological investigations have contributed in significant ways to the development of a new research focus with intensive study of the written evidence targeting new interpretations of the spatial, economic and social factors involved in the emergence of medieval and early modern urban culture. At the same time, some of the key approaches involve the investigation of residential and urban zones as well as the role of ecclesiastical institutions and spiritual centers in the life of these complex settlements. Therefore, research dedicated to interactions within the intricate system comprising royal, ecclesiastical-spiritual and urban forces offers a new perspective to develop interdisciplinary programs and courses in various fields of studies and in different educational programs. The aim of this session is to offer a panoramic overview of such research results, to discuss the various methodological approaches, and to offer guidelines for the integration of these aspects into curriculum development and course planning connected to a workshop on Centers of Power and Spiritual Life in the Middle Ages and in the Early Modern Period, October 17–19, 2010.

Note: applicants are required to send a one page long motivation letter describing how they think they would benefit from participation in the session.

Attached is the application form, the first paragraph lists all the documents necessary to be submitted. The whole package should be e-mailed to this: e-mail account by the deadline which is 1st of September, 2010.

Please, note that if your academic interest in only tangentially connected to the above topic, for the same period we have an Open House session on Medieval Studies and one on Philosophy, that you might be interested on it. If you are opting for this session, please check the CEU Medieval Studies / Philosophy department’s website and see the thematic and resources they can assist you.

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