Call for Papers: European Society of International Law Research Forum

31 октября 2010

Call for Papers: European Society of International Law Research Forum

European Society of International Law Research Forum
27-28 May 2011, Tallinn, Estonia
(organized by the University of Tartu)

Call for Papers
International Law and Power Politics:
Great Powers, Peripheries and Claims to Spheres of Influence
in International Normative Order

The 4th ESIL Research Forum intends to cross the front line to confront the intellectual arch-enemy of the tradition of international law, realism. While proceeding from the tradition of international law, the main idea of the forum is to take the challenge presented by realism seriously. After all, how do concepts such as great powers, peripheries and spheres of influence relate to the reality of international law? To what extent does international law manage to restrain hegemonic powers? To what extent are great powers able to translate their interests into universal legal rules and principles? Do balance of power considerations play a role in the application of international law? Questions of this kind have often been raised by commentators, such as when crises occurred in Kosovo in 1999/2007, Iraq in 2003 and Georgia in 2008. While realism presents a historically predominant starting point for thinking about power politics, there also exist alternative views about the role of power in international normative order, for example the ones that emphasize economic control over direct use of military force.

ESIL’s Research Forum in Tallinn — a European Capital of Culture in 2011 — will address these issues both from historical-theoretical and contemporary-empirical perspectives. The keynote speakers include Mr Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of Estonia, and Mr Anatoly Kovler, a judge from the Russian Federation elected to the European Court of Human Rights.

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