Научная конференция для студентов 3 курса

14 апреля 2011

Научная конференция для студентов 3 курса

Научная конференция для студентов 3 курса

Приглашаем студентов 3 курса факультета Международного бизнеса и делового администрирования принять участие в конференции на английском языке "Is there alternative to consumerism?", которая состоится 24 апреля в 16 час.в зале №4.

Topics for presentations and discussion.

1.      How companies use customer service to reap bottom line benefits in consumerism age.

2.      Consumerism drives fundamental changes in economic environment.

3.      Crisis of consumerism in times of recession.

4.      Human values in the age of consumerism.

5.      Maslow’s pyramid of needs vs. conspicuous consumption.

6.      Consumerism and environmental sustainability.

Requirements: individual or group five minutes’ presentations.

We also invite you to take part in the competition for the best student’s essay.

Essay topics.

1.   Shopping: a therapy or a disease?

2.   Consumerism is a new religion.

3.   In praise of consumerism.

4.   As consumerism spreads, Earth suffers.

5.  The things you own end up owning you.

6.   Should “Buy Nothing Day” be introduced in Russia?

7.   Consumerism is "eating our future".

8.   Is consumerism a public duty?

9.    Commercialization of childhood.

10.  We are a generation of compulsive shopaholics.

11.  A customer in the age of consumerism: a victim or a culprit?

Requirements: “For and against”, “Opinion”, “Descriptive”, “Unbalanced argument”, “Persuasive” essays of 250 words.



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To be submitted by 18 April.


































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