Семинар Герберта Пухты

22 марта 2012

Семинар Герберта Пухты

Издательство Кембриджского университета приглашает преподавателей английского языка принять участие в семинаре Герберта Пухты, который пройдет 2 апреля в Москве.

Herbert  Puchta has Ph.D. in ELT Pedagogy and he co-authored a number of course books for the teaching of English as a foreign language (among them Playway to English, Join Us for English, More!, English in Mind, and the brand new course Super Minds published by Cambridge University Press), as well as articles and resource books. His latest resource books are Teaching Grammar Creatively, Multiple Intelligences in EFL and Imagine That!

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Teaching young learners – want better outcomes anyone?

There is often a significant gap between what we hope to achieve in the young learners’ classroom and what they learn. In this session we will look at how the teaching of children can be intensified by making them aware of social values and developing cognitive tools, as much as fostering creative self-expression and the students’ identification with the foreign language. Practical examples will be taken from Herbert’s new course book for young learners, Super Minds.

Neuro-scientific research findings and the teaching of teens

There are mountains of evidence that the simultaneous and frequent activation of various sensory channels leads to better outcomes of the foreign language learning process in the young learners’ classroom. This talk will use multi-sensory teaching with children as a starting point. Considering neuro-scientific research findings, we will elaborate on how imaginative teaching processes can contribute to the development of teenage students’ ‘ideal language self’ while at the same time fostering their foreign language skills.

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