14 июня 2012



Dear Elena Yastrebova,

As announced last month, IATEFL has passed a major milestone of 4,000 members. This reflects our priority to reach out and extend membership wherever we can.

At the time of writing, 968 members come from the UK, 1,620 members come from 59 other countries in Europe and 1,480 members come from 142 different countries in the rest of the world. These figures include individual, institutional and associate members, as well as members through the Wider Membership and Wider Membership Individual Schemes. We are currently in the process of developing initiatives to extend the IATEFL network and bring the benefits of belonging to IATEFL to more ELT professionals globally.

One of these benefits is undoubtedly the opportunity to participate in the active and dynamic work of the IATEFL SIGs. With 11 months still to go to next year’s conference in Liverpool, plans are already afoot to offer delegates an extraordinarily rich and varied professional programme on the Pre-Conference Events day.

The LA SIG is proposing a programme on ‘Language learner autonomy and today’s technologies: challenges and possibilities’, while the YLT SIG will be exploring ‘Drama for young learners and teenagers’, and BESIG will be offering ‘Tips and tools for the 21st century business English trainer’. The LMCS SIG will focus on ‘The play of language: Beckett and Pinter on stage and in the English language classroom’, the ES(O)L SIG will investigate ‘Good practice in ES(O)L teaching’ and the TEASIG is proposing to grapple with issues in assessing grammar and meaning in response to prior input from its members.

In other news, there’s still time to put in a speaker proposal for the TEASIG conference in Prague in October and the 25th Annual IATEFL BESIG conference in Stuttgart in November. You may also like to take a look at the new website of the LA SIG which has just been launched. Keep an eye out too for the re-vamped YLT SIG website coming soon. This is planned to give more visibility to different interest groups within the SIG, such as very young learners.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to make Paris in June for the BESIG Summer Symposium, there’s an amazing line-up of speakers in store. There’s also a BESIG online weekend workshop coming up at the beginning of June which promises to be another treat.

Last but not least, you may like to consider applying for the exciting and generous John Haycraft Classroom Exploration Scholarship sponsored by International House. This award consists of registration at the main IATEFL conference and the Research SIG pre-conference event in Liverpool in 2013, £1,500 towards travel and other expenses and a year's IATEFL membership. You don’t need to be an IATEFL member to apply, so please do spread the word among friends and colleagues who may be interested and eligible. Don’t leave it long though as the deadline, 28 June, is fast approaching!

With best wishes

Carol Read,
Chair of Publications Committee and Vice President, IATEFL

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