Презентация теста GMAT компанией Pericles

9 апреля 2009

Презентация теста GMAT компанией Pericles

в рамках MGIMO-AmCham Career Day

PERICLES AMERICAN BUSINESS & LEGAL EDUCATION PROJECT is a small, non-governmental educational project specializing in advanced training of adult students. Founded and run by Americans, Pericles aims at helping students get a top Western style business or legal education and to succeed in the top multinational law firms and companies in Russia.

Pericles is the oldest, most experienced test preparation program in Russia. Many of our former students are already attending, or have returned from institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, INSEAD, Stanford and IMD.

The Presentation will be held by Andrew Mendelssohn, (B.A. U.C. Berkeley, J.D. Loyola Marymount), Pericles Legal Skills Director, LL.M., GMAT & TOEFL Professor.

The Pericles presentation will be divided between two main subjects: test preparation and Pericles role in helping students prepare for TOEFL, GMAT and B-School; and, Pericles legal classes, with emphasis on our Legal Skills classes.

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