Юбилей Н.Хватовой

9 декабря 2014

Юбилей Н.Хватовой

Юбилей Н.Хватовой

Поздравляем Наталью Ивановну Хватову с юбилеем!

"Let such teach others who themselves excel..."

You are a fine example of doing it so well!

Your expertise, the zeal, internal fire –

These are the traits professors all require.

In teaching subject that's a match of math and art,

You fear not the scariest equations

Or theories of great sophistication.

You have a head for graphs, and charts, 

You are at ease with formulas and figures.

You even crack financial brainteasers – 

The drive and knowledge you impart

Can't but arouse admiration!

A paragon of subtle taste

 You dress with style and speak with grace.

Oh, God! How many talents you embrace!

A symbol of divine perfection

You do instill respect and deep affection.

All those who're good be happy and be blessed!

We wish you health, unfailing sight.

New tours and films to heart's delight.

 And let the future bring new zest

To life and work, and constant quest.

In any plight have no fears!

You, dear Natalie, deserve the best!

Best wishes, love,
your peers


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