Конкурс презентаций проектов на 4 курсе бакалавриата

18 декабря 2014

Конкурс презентаций проектов на 4 курсе бакалавриата

Конкурс презентаций проектов на 4 курсе бакалавриата

5 декабря состоялся конкурс бизнес-идей для студентов 4 курса под названием «Making a Difference in Business». Мероприятие организовано кафедрой английского языка №4 и сотрудниками бизнес-инкубатора МГИМО.

В конкурсе приняли участие студенты групп, в которых английский изучается как в качестве первого, так и в качестве второго языка.

Ниже приводится отзыв студентов 4 курса о мероприятии.

MGIMO Start-up tour 2014. Making a difference in business. Pitch competition: whose business idea is best.

The finest and the most enterprising minds of the 4 MBDA got together on December 5 to show off their start-up ideas and fight over the chance to make the idea tangible. The respected jury consisting of well-known teachers and professors of the 4th language department with the support of the lively audience took over the uneasy task to decide which one of these ideas really deserved to become a going business project.

Starting with the project called «Life Bar», which promoted the idea of eco-friendly leisure and «Save the planet» trend, we moved on to the «Fox Paradox» start-up, which pitched the founding of a domestic fox club, and quite paradoxically — selling foxes as pets. Coming next, an extraordinary idea of bringing a popular video game of the «escape the room» genre to real life called «Quest: Reign», followed by an impressive project of a drone-based aircraft mail service «By Air».

After a short video break, instructing us how one should attract the investors’ attention, a very tasty «iBake» start-up offered everyone the ability to create your own cake, which was proven right on the spot with quite a marvel of bakery that anyone could taste at the end of the competition. Next, «Furious Galaxy» — a brand new premium spaceship-battle videogame, making it possible even for a kid to pilot his own starship. And the 7th wonder finishing the start-up parade was «MGIMOSHA» — the project, which would allow young kids to build their stairway to success right from the kindergarten.

From the three possible nominations, we are proud to announce: «Fox Paradox» (A.Krasenkova) and «MGIMOSHA» (M.Klimanova) as the most viable ideas; A.Pasko and V.Kozhanova (iBake), as speakers with the best performance; and A.Pasko, V.Kozhanova, M.Sidorova and K.Anfimova as speakers who have shown the best mastery of English. According to the results of the audience voting: A.Krasenkova (Fox Paradox) — takes up the third place; M.Klimanova (MGIMOSHA) — the second, and A.Pasko and V.Kozhanova (iBake) proudly share the first place.
We congratulate the winners, thank the participants and hope to see everyone next year!


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