The USA is not the principle agent in Syrian uprisings


The USA is not the principle agent in Syrian uprisings

Эксперты МГИМО: Сушенцов Андрей Андреевич, к.полит.н.

There is no question that the United States is not the principle agent in these processes. Syrian popular uprisings have their own internal dynamics. They are provoked mostly by the collision between social-economic situation in that country and rising popular expectation about personal income and standards of life.

Facts, provided by the Washington Post article can make us think contrary. But they should not misguide us. We know that since 2002 State Department operates Middle East Partnership Initiative. That is a non-profit foundation which distributes small grants to individuals and entities. Those money are aimed at democracy promotion and human rights activism. But the ultimate impact of this program is quite limited. The audience of the US funded TV Arab language channels Al Hurra and Barada TV is incomparable to Al Jazeera’ or BBC Arabic. Nobody inside Syria has agreed to accept US funding.

That can make us think that US involvement in Syrian events is quite limited.

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