Public response to price rise depends on Uzbek government's further actions


Public response to price rise depends on Uzbek government's further actions

Эксперты МГИМО: Гусев Леонид Юрьевич, к.ист.н.

Uzbek people’s dissatisfaction with rise in consumer prices will depend on further actions of the government, a Russian expert on Central Asia said.

Uzbekistan increased gas prices by about 18.2 percent per 1 cubic meter from the beginning of October. It resulted in rise of other consumer prices in the country.

«Uzbek people extremely negatively assess the price rise and reportedly the population expresses its dissatisfaction,» Senior Fellow at the Institute of International Studies at the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Moscow State Institute of the International Relations Leonid Gusev told Trend via e-mail.

Possible consequences of this price rise will depend on further steps of the Uzbek government will determine, he added.

Gusev said that the price rise is a result of number of factors.

«Increase in the minimum wage of state employees, pension, hardship allowance and scholarships in Uzbekistan from Aug.1, 2011 is one of factors for this price rise, as it is usually observed,» he said.

The other reason is the establishing of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, which came into force in July, 2011, Gusev added. Uzbekistan has lost Kazakhstan as its major meat importer because of the union’s closing borders. As a result, market prices for beef rose up to $10 per kilo, he said.

According to Gusev, Uzbek media sees the reason of the meat and dairy products prices' rise in the substantial decrease of areas under crop and mixed fodders' price hike in the country.

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