Russian policy towards Syria


Russian policy towards Syria

Эксперты МГИМО: Сушенцов Андрей Андреевич, к.полит.н.

Andrey Sushentsov, lecturer at Moscow State Institute of International Relations:

Position of Russian Federation on Syria is guided by simple and understandable arguments — deaths of civilians regardless of who is responsible for them are unacceptable.

There are four basic principles in Russian position towards Syria.

Russia shows firmness in pursuing overcoming of internal crisis in Syria, first, solely in the international legal environment, second, by peaceful political and diplomatic means, third, through the national wide dialogue between the Syrians and, fourth, without external intrusion or intervention. Also Russian president urges Syrian leader to accelerate the long overdue political reforms in the country, first of all, to carry out the constitutional reform at the earliest possible opportunity.

This new constitution should not give any privileges to the ruling Ba’ath Party. Still there are various opposition groups that for different reasons have not agreed to participate in the national wide dialogue. Outside forces whose influence on those groups much greater than that of Russian Federation should work to promote a dialogue, agreement and reconciliation and avoid any intervention or incitement of these groups.

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