Россия и проблемы Южно-Китайского моря


Россия и проблемы Южно-Китайского моря

Эксперты МГИМО: Сумский Виктор Владимирович, д.ист.н.

2 мая вьетнамская редакция BBC World Service опубликовала (на вьетнамском языке) ответы директора Центра АСЕАН при МГИМО В.В. Сумского на вопросы, касающиеся отношения России к ситуации, возникшей в связи с многосторонним спором о принадлежности островных территорий в Южно-Китайском море. Ниже следует текст интервью на английском языке.

How is Russia interested in the South China Sea dispute? Is it important for Russian policymakers?

The more time passes, the more it is clear that the South China Sea disputes are resulting in some new and rather serious tensions between China and a number of ASEAN member states (most notably, Vietnam and the Philippines), between China and ASEAN as a whole, inside ASEAN itself, and even between China and India — in other words, between the players all of whom are viewed by Russia as its close, highly valued partners. While Moscow has no intention (and rightly so) to display too much activism on the South China Sea issue, it may need to think more about how to neutralize these unhappy trends — if not fully, then at least partly — for the sake of a healthier regional situation and more space for diplomatic manouvering.

Do you think there might be a huge clash between Russia and China over the dispute, once Gazprom begins the project?

Although some irritations have already surfaced, a ’huge clash’ is hardly probable. Both sides appreciate the present quality of their bilateral relations too much to allow it to deteriorate just because of that.

Can Vietnam rely on Russia as a patron if there is a South China Sea war, just like in the Vietnam War?

Taking sides in a military conflict over the South China Sea is absolutely against the national interest of Russia. The real question is what it can practically do to assist in avoiding such a conflict. From that point of view, Moscow’s special relations with both Beijing and Hanoi are a resource which should not be underestimated.

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