Russia-China: Friendship revisited


Russia-China: Friendship revisited

Эксперты МГИМО: Лукин Александр Владимирович, д.ист.н., PhD

Today we’re exploring the new Russian policy in the Asian Pacific region which is quickly coming to the forefront of the global policies. President Putin’s first state visit is a visit to China, coinciding with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit to be held in Beijing at the beginning of June this year.

So what questions are going to be discussed at the meeting between the Russian and the Chinese leaders? What stance is Russia likely to adopt in its relations with China during the next six years of Mr. Putin’s presidential term? And what is the role the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is acquiring in the regional and global policies?

We’re discussing these and other issues with our guest speaker Professor Alexander Lukin, Deputy Director of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Federation and Director of the Center for East Asian and Shnaghai cooperation organization studies and professor Andrei Ostrovsky, Deputy director of the Institute for far eastern studies in Moscow Russia

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