Teaching writing to students of International Relations


Teaching writing to students of International Relations

Эксперты МГИМО: Ястребова Елена Борисовна, к.пед.н., доцент

Of the four core skills, writing has always been the Cinderella in the EFL classroom in Russia. This article presents an EAP writing module designed to remedy the situation at tertiary level.

A survey among students, graduates and teachers to find out their attitudes and perception of students’ needs concerning competence in writing helped us to define problem areas and design teaching materials and activities to best meet students’ needs. The module with profession-related content for students of International Relations is a combination of guided practice in language structures appropriate to academic writing through a system of exercises and practice in writing, which includes a series of project works involving information gathering and brainstorming sessions aimed to encourage students’ creativity.

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Источник: Professional and Academic English
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