Egypt: opposition demands resignation of president


Egypt: opposition demands resignation of president

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Egypt’s opposition has given an ultimatum to President Mohammed Morsi. Or Tuesday he must announce his resignation, or a general campaign of civil disobedience will begin in the country. On June 30th, the anniversary of the inauguration of the president, numerous protests that culminated in armed clashesbetween supporters and opponents of the government erupted in Cairo and other Egyptian cities. As a result, 10 people died and hundreds were wounded. Experts fear the outbreak of civil war.

In response to Morsi’s call for a national dialogue and his recognition that mistakes were made in his first year as president and his willingness to set things right, the opposition supporters said they will not compromise. They are threatening to raise the people and to repeat the events of two years ago. Actually, it has already started, says General Secretary of the Socialist Party of Egypt Ahmed Shaaban to the «Voice of Russia» :

«In fact, this is the second wave of the Egyptian revolution, which began in 2011. Those events led to the seizure of power by «the Muslim Brotherhood.» Figuratively speaking, the revolution was started by some, and the advantage was taken by others. This turn of events was the result of a conspiracy between the «Muslim Brotherhood» and the Supreme Military Council of the country under the patronage of the United States. This government cannot cope with the situation and has not solved the problems because of which Mubarak was toppled. «Muslim Brotherhood» has started the Islamization of the country, placing its men in all public bodies. However, they failed to bring the country out of the economic crisis and have not solved the social and political problems.»

Despite the fact that formally Mohammed Morsi left the ranks of the «Muslim Brotherhood», his name is still associated with the Islamists. On Monday, the headquarter of the «Muslim Brotherhood» in Cairo was attacked by supporters of the opposition. The largest number of supporters of the Morsi are among the Islamists. They have called the opposition «enemies of the revolution» and answer the criticism of the current authorities by claiming that the president has been in office only a year — which is too short a period to change the situation. But the Egyptian people do not believe in the promises that everything will be in order, says the analyst of the Institute of Strategic Studies and Analysis Sergey Demidenko:

Egypt is facing a difficult socio-economic situation, there are a lot of problems, 50% of the population lives below the poverty line. You can spend a long time and try hard to tell them that nothing can be done in a year, but they have been waiting for an improvement of their situation by the new government. The new government is not in a position to do so. The programme of the Freedom and Justice Party, if analyzed, does not envisage the possibility of improving the lives of the population. This program is pure populism.

As a result, over the past year Mohammed Morsi began to lose his supporters. The opposition youth movement «Tamarud» managed to collect 22 million signatures in a short time for an initiative on early re-election of the president. This is almost two times more than the number of votes cast in favour of Morsi in the election. His victory was not convincing even then, says Marina Sapronova, professor at Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

«The main problem is that the incumbent Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was not given a large enough credibility from the very beginning to carry out his policies. He won the election by a whisker.»

In the current situation, fears that the bloodshed in Egypt will continue if the government and the opposition in the near future do not come to an agreement are quite justified.

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