International Strategies of Great Powers and Logic of BRICS Alliance


International Strategies of Great Powers and Logic of BRICS Alliance

Эксперты МГИМО: Воскресенский Алексей Дмитриевич, д.полит.н., PhD, профессор

The main structural parameters of modern international system were formed on the eve of the 20th Century. After World War II the decolonializing and modernizing Asia chose between two versions of European model of modernization and development. Each of them went through turbulent transformation al the second part of 20th Century and the mainstream model of development within the old technological stage was exhausted. Successful Non-Western countries based their way of development on the Western model of market economy but with national characteristics and put forward their own models of modernization managing lo economically «catch up» leaders. Some even challenged the Western mode of post-industrial development. Thus the modern global model of high competition in modernization and development was created. This model requires education and training a new generation of professionals through «responsible internationalization» of future political elite. The creation of BRICS bloc is a new stage of the implementation of this cultural-educational strategy.

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