What can Russia learn from the terror act in Kenya?


What can Russia learn from the terror act in Kenya?

Эксперты МГИМО: Сардарян Генри Тигранович, к.полит.н.

The massacre in Kenya indicates that Christians are becoming more vulnerable to terror attacks by Muslims. Given Russia’s religious diversity, the incident is ominous for Russia.

147 students killed. That is the result of the recent catastrophic terror attack in the Kenyan town of Garissa. In accordance with protocol, international organizations are sure to issue appeals to «put an end to terrorism» and phrases to the effect that «terrorism knows no religion or nationality». Global media will no doubt stress Al-Shabaab’s links to Al-Qaida and connect the events to the collapse of the Somali state.

On the key point, they will prefer to keep silent. Perhaps for reasons of political correctness, or perhaps because of the politics involved, the fact that all 147 students killed were Christians, deliberately separated by the terrorists from their Muslim counterparts before being brutally murdered, will be a footnote.

The world has witnessed the execution of 21 Copts by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Greater Syria (ISIS), explosions at Christian churches in Lahore, Pakistan, and the massacre of Christians in Kenya in the space of just one month. The situation is becoming tense. In his address to the United Nations, Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi stated that 100,000 Christians perish each year for their religious beliefs. This figure is confirmed by the Center for the Study of Global Christianity. Every month more than 214 Christian churches and objects of cultural heritage are destroyed.

Christians make up around 33 percent of the world’s population, yet they are the victims of over 80 percent of all acts of harassment committed on the grounds of religious beliefs. The day after the terror attack in Kenya, Pope Francis said that the brutal killing of Christians was taking place to the sound of silence from the international community, and that is indeed the case.

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