Terrorism in the North Caucasus


Terrorism in the North Caucasus

Эксперты МГИМО: Ярлыкапов Ахмет Аминович, к.ист.н.

Terrorism in the North Caucasus is not only a serious challenge for the safety of Russia, but is also in danger of spreading beyond the boundaries of the Caucasus to most countries in the region. Having arisen in this region, terrorism has become almost immediately an all-Russia phenomenon. Terrorists have reached the country’s core, its capital, thereby demonstrating how vulnerable it is. Nevertheless, it is the North Caucasus that has taken the greatest blows from terrorists, who have chosen this area to establish their operating units. Therefore, the geographical emphasis of this article — the North Caucasus — serves to illustrate the evolution of the article’s actual focus: religiously motivated terrorism. Strange as it may seem, the number of reports and articles regarding the North Caucasus is rather limited, notwithstanding the present importance of the issue and its ‘over exposure’.

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