The US-Russia-China Triangle: Positive Scenario I


The US-Russia-China Triangle: Positive Scenario I

Эксперты МГИМО: Киреева Анна Андреевна, к.полит.н.

Russia until recently anticipated a rapprochement with the United States without damage to its close relations with China. Indeed, given anticipated tensions in US-China relations, the result would be advantageous for Russia: making it the pivot in the «strategic triangle» of these three great powers; sustaining its «pivot to the East» while rebuilding its ties to the West; and realizing long-expressed aspirations for reviving its special international status. While the developments of the recent weeks have left Russia where it was in the past few years, there continue to be expectations that the impasse in its US ties can be overcome. If prospects for improved ties can slip abruptly, one can surmise that they could revive, too. In this potentially positive scenario, stress is put on the potential for US-Russia cooperation in the Asia-Pacific.


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