Perspectives of the 1987 INF Treaty (The White Book)


Perspectives of the 1987 INF Treaty (The White Book)

Kozin Vladimir Petrovich Perspectives of the 1987 INF Treaty (The White Book). Мoscow: Sabashnikov’s Publishing House, 2018 — 208 PP. (with illustrations)
ISBN 975-5-82420-158-1

The publication examines one of the most complex issues in the Russian-American relations in the field of arms control — the problem of implementing an unlimited Treaty between the USSR and the USA on the Elimination of Their Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles or shortly the INF Treaty, signed December, 8, 1987.

This monograph explores the arguments and information that for a number of recent years the American side has used while tabling versus Russia the unfounded accusations of its violation of this arrangement. It describes the real motives Washington utilizes by putting forward the relevant claims.

At the same time the book depicts the stance of the Russian Federation on compliance with the 1987 INF Treaty. It is proved that since 2001 almost every year the USA has violated its provisions during testing the effectiveness of the interceptor missiles used in the global missile defense system. The Pentagon has been using during these tests shorter, medium and «intermediate-range» mock missiles (target missiles) which are prohibited by the INF Treaty. In 2017, the United States adopted the decision to allocate funds for the development and production of a new ground-launched medium-range cruise missile prohibited by the INF Treaty.

The study contains illustrations and supplement incorporating the text of the 1987 INF Treaty in Russian and English languages, the report issued by the US State Department in 2017 on compliance with the various treaties in the field of arms control, as well as a number of articles published by the author on this matter.

The monograph is intended for experts dealing with issues related to reduction of nuclear arms and military-political issues in a broad Russian-American agenda, as well as for a wider spectrum of readers.

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