Visit of Group of Russian Scientists and Experts Scheduled by 1-3 December


Visit of Group of Russian Scientists and Experts Scheduled by 1-3 December

Источник: Georgian Times

Visit of group of Russian experts and scientists is scheduled by 1–3 December by initiative of Caucasian Research Centre of Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

Expert of the centre Nikolai Silaev told InterpressNews about it.

He informs that the group will be staffed by Deputy Director of Institute of World Economy and International Relations of Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladimer Baranikov, leading scientist of Science information and Public Science Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Aleksandre Miller, rector’s advisor of Moscow International Relations State Institute Artiom Malgin. The group will be later joined by chief editor of magazine of Institute of History of Russian Academy of Sciences «History of Russia», Andrey Medushevsky.

Silaev says that sciences and experts from Moscow will meet with their Georgian colleagues in Tbilisi, namely members of ‘Club of Experts’ and ‘Georgian institute for Russian Studies’. Not only Russian-Georgian relations, but directions of Georgian and Russian experts’ cooperation and perspectives will be discussed.

«I don’t know situation in Georgia, but there is deficit of knowledge about Georgia in Russia. Lingual barrier is added to it that is deepening daily. There are few specialists on Caucasian issues in Russia, people who know Georgian language. One of the key aims of our visit is to eliminate this deficit,» Nikolai Silaev notes. He considers that none of the problems between the two counties will be solved in present terms.

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