It is close-minded to brand China «arrogant»


It is close-minded to brand China «arrogant»

Источник: Xinhua

It is close-minded and amazingly audacious for Western politicians and pundits to brand China with an «arrogance» label.

China, after all, is still a developing country focused on its domestic modernization drive and is simply playing an increasingly constructive and noticeable role in the international arena.

well-known U.S. scholar on strategic issues recently said China is displaying more defiance toward other countries, particularly the United States.

That’s because, the scholar said, China holds the illusion that the United States is ebbing and global circumstances are turning in its favor. China’s perception of foreign affairs may backfire and hurt itself, the scholar said.

Other Western politicians and scholars hold similar views, which, to be frank, distort the rights and wrongs of the situation.

It is true that China has made extraordinary progress since the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949, especially after the reform and opening-up policy was adopted over 30 years ago.

However, China is still in the early stages of its modernization and far from being a land filled with milk and honey. China’s per capita gross domestic product in 2009, for instance, was about 3,700 U.S. dollars, not even among the top 100 in the world.

Even if China completely accomplishes its modernization and becomes stronger, it is reasonable to believe the country will continue to follow the peaceful road it travels and respect the sovereignty, culture, customs and development modes of other countries.

China, as a traditional peace-loving country, suffered much at the hands of the world’s big powers after 1840 when the Opium War was launched by British imperialists. China, as a result of that experience, is sensitive enough to avoid intervening in other countries' domestic affairs or harming their interests.

What China does now is simply to play a more constructive and noticeable role on the world stage in order to secure its national interests and help boost global development, peace and stability.

An article published by Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao on Thursday said maintaining friendly ties with other countries agrees with the Chinese people’s nature.

China, the article said, would more efficiently wield its «soft power," characterized by the use of cultural, educational and diplomatic tools, and push forward its ties with other countries.

Alexander Lukin, a research fellow at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, told Xinhua that the independent, mild and active foreign policies abided by China play a positive role in world affairs.

China never seeks any global objectives and never imposes its development mode on other countries. China, however, does spare no effort in developing good relations with all countries including the United States and the European Union, Lukin said.

Therefore, it is reasonable to think that some Western politicians and scholars have unleashed the «arrogance» charge in order to gain political capital and divert the eyes of complaining citizens in their countries from domestic to overseas issues.

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