Международные программы и стипендии


BSES 2020

ADA University Caspian Center for Energy and Environment (CCEE) is calling for applications for the 14th Annual Baku Summer Energy School (BSES 2020).

Baku Summer Energy School is an annual two-week certificate program for energy professionals, organized in partnership with the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) and BP Azerbaijan. The BSES brings together world-renowned scholars, academicians and policy makers to examine and gain a better understanding of global energy and environment issues and their practical application.

BSES 2020 will take place on July 11-25, 2020. The application process is open till May 15.

For more information, please contact Ms. Shahana Bilalova by emailing at ccee@ada.edu.az 


HKU Summer Institute 2020 – Featured Online Programmes in the Summer

Students can simply apply directly through application system. For session A & B programmes, the application deadline is June 15, 2020. For session C & D programmes, the deadline is June 30, 2020. More details of programmes can be found from HKUSI website.

Some featured programmes in the following series:

Arts/ Social Sciences

Art Worlds: Aesthetics, Money and Markets

Modern Hong Kong

New Media and Social Media

Sex and the City: Sexual Behaviours and Sexual Citizenship

Understanding Asian Cinema: History, Culture, and Industry


Accounting Control and Big Data Analytics

Brand Building and Making: A Practical Approach

Business Management and Digital Transformation Strategy — A Data Analytics Approach

China’s Economic Transformation and Outreach: Implications for Global Business

Entertainment Business: KOLs and Social Media Marketing Strategy

Fintech: AI, Blockchain, and Computational Finance

Green Corporate Strategy & Governance Control in East Asia

New Business Creation Professional Summer Programme

Start a Successful Business in Creative Industries: A Practical Guide


3D Character Modelling & Visualisation

Dreamscape Design and Interaction

iJam Music Production


Introduction to Astronomy

Mathematical Laboratory and Modeling

University Mathematics I

University Physics

HKU Greater Bay Area Summer School — Virtual Worlds, Real Bodies Online Summer Course 2020

War, Peace and the Natural World

Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities 2020 — The University of Hong Kong

Some highlights of the courses are as below:

GCIN2009 Art Worlds: Aesthetics, Money and Markets (6 credits)

The overall aim of the course is to analyse and understand the functioning of art worlds in a global context. It is taught primarily by lectures, with accompanying tutorials, and focuses on the different attitudes and values brought to bear on art works by different people in an art world. Because such works are not just appreciated in aesthetic and historical terms, but are also traded as part of an art market, the course seeks to tease apart the strictly cultural and aesthetic from other, social and economic, aspects that affect the production, distribution and consumption of art works.

GCIN2020 New Media and Social Media (6 credits)

Digitalization has become a central part of consumer life and the business world. Our economy, society and culture are being significantly shaped by the development of digitalization and the Internet. Nowadays, new media and social media have become two very important pillars of marketing and management practices for both consumer and business, from hiring to reputation management to customer service. Different forms of new media, including QR codes, Facebook page, Google+, Pinterest and Amazon, etc. are dramatically changing creative processes, technological development, value chains, buying behavior and customer service in our society. The course aims to provide students with an insight into how new media and social media affect consumers and the society, as well as the cultural and organizational dynamics of the business world.

GCIN2028 Understanding Asian Cinema: History, Culture and Industry (6 credits)

The course seeks to introduce students to the history, culture, and industry of film in the Asian region, and focuses in particular on the socio-cultural relations linking the production, circulation, and appreciation of films with history, politics, business, organizations, people, and money. It is taught primarily by lectures and class work, and is attentive to the cinematic worlds in China, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, India, among others, comparing what we find there with standard readings on cinema in Europe and the United States. It thus looks at how local/regional variations can be found in the organization and practices of different film worlds, and tries to explain why they exist. In the long-term, the course serves as a foundation for those who wish to pursue a career in film and media by familiarising them with the special dynamics of the world of cinema, alerting them especially to the challenges of managing creative people, creative works, production contexts, and their accompanying ideologies.

HIST1017 Modern Hong Kong (6 credits)

This course explores the history of Hong Kong since the early 1800s from four angles: Chinese history, British imperial history, world history, and as a place with its own identity. We discuss a wide range of historical and popular cultural material, including texts, films and adverts in order to rethink Hong Kong’s changing position from the past to the present.

The new application deadlines are June 15 (for GCIN2009 and GCIN20200) and June 30 (for GCIN2028 and HIST1017). To apply, please visit the following websites and indicate ‘SIAH2020’

as the reference in the application:

GCIN2009: https://www.summerinstitute.hku.hk/programme/arts_gcin2009/
GCIN2020: https://www.summerinstitute.hku.hk/programme/arts_gcin2020/
GCIN2028: https://www.summerinstitute.hku.hk/programme/arts_gcin2028/
HIST1017: https://www.summerinstitute.hku.hk/programme/arts_hist1017/

General information: https://www.summerinstitute.hku.hk/homepage/for-undergraduates/application/

For further enquiries, please contact Ms. Cathy Wong at cathynkw@hku.hk.

University of Hong Kong (HKU) online 2020.

  • A range of programmes across a variety of disciplines: 1) Asia Cities: Business, Culture & Society 2) Humanities & Global Industries 3) Global Issues 4) Scientific & Technological Literacy.
  • HKUSI is offering a Special 20% Discount on most programme fees. In addition, students from partner university may also receive an exclusive partner offer of 10% discount on selected programmes.
  • Students will receive a Certificate of Completion or Transcript with HKU credits upon satisfactory completion.

For session A & B programmes, the application deadline is June 15, 2020. For session C & D programmes, the deadline is June 30, 2020. Your students are reminded that there is a quota for each class, so please apply as early as possible. Please also be reminded that the application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

All online programmes will be conducted primarily via Zoom as the virtual classroom platform. Please ensure that Zoom is accessible in your students’ area before deciding to join the online summer programmes.

The most updated online programmes available can be found from the undergraduate programme list. Please feel free to email us at ugsummer@hku.hk  or visit our website at www.hku.hk/summer.

AsiaGlobal Fellows Program 2020

The Asia Global Institute at the University of Hong Kong is now inviting applications for its 2020 AsiaGlobal Fellows Program, an interdisciplinary and intensive leadership development initiative designed for mid-career professionals from around the world. The 13-week residential program in Hong Kong will run from August 24 to November 20, 2020.

The program aims to nurture future leaders who share a common career interest in policy with a deeper understanding of global issues from Asian perspectives. It will have an emphasis on China-related matters. Program costs such as on-campus accommodation, monthly stipends, study trip expenses are covered by the Institute.
Applications are accepted until February 21, 2020. More details about the program, the criteria for selection of candidates, and key elements of the curriculum can be found here.

For more information: +852 3917 1898 or agf.enquiry@hku.hk.
Click here to see the program highlights — https://www.asiaglobalfellows.hku.hk/Application-Guidelines.aspx 


Агентство международного образования Дании сообщает о предоставлении государственных стипендий Дании российским соискателям для прохождения учебных стажировок в 2019/20 учебном году.
Информация размещена на сайте im.interphysica.su.
Срок приема документов — до 11 февраля.


Tampere Summer School has moved online!

Tampere Summer School is a great opportunity for students and graduates from all over the world to attend international online summer courses from the comfort of their own home. Participants can participate in one or two different courses and gain up to 10 ECTS during the summer school.

Detailed information about the courses is available on our website: www.tuni.fi/summerschool

The courses are free of charge for new exchange students of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

Application deadline 7 June!

The Summer School courses follow the curricula guides of the organising higher education institutions, and they can be easily included into Bachelor or Master degrees. Also PhD students are welcome to apply! Various academic fields, including:

  • Business & Management
  • Communications & Computer Science
  • Education
  • Health Sciences
  • Finnish & English
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Social Sciences

Please do not hesitate to contact us at summerschool@tuni.fi if you have any questions regarding our summer programme.


The Sciences Po Summer School is moving online

The University Programme will be held in a remote format from June 29th to July 24th. The following courses will be offered this summer, in a remote format :

Social sciences track
The Age of Economists
The European Union at a Crossroads
Global Diplomacy: Theory and Practice
Human Rights and Global Development
Human Security

Sustainable Development and Climate Action
French language track

French language courses are offered from beginner to advanced levels, including A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1.

The overall format and content of the courses is maintained and they will be held in a live, synchronous format to allow for maximum interaction. We are currently adapting their schedules and organization for an online format and will be able to provide more information in the coming weeks on website https://www.sciencespo.fr/summer/news/2020-university-programme.html.

For the French language track, please note that the number of contact hours has been reduced from 66 to 48 in order to preserve interactive sessions. These 48 hours represent the core French language classes offered in the French language track.

Modification of fees: To reflect the online format, the Summer School will reduce the portion of its fees that are related to physically hosting students on Sciences Po’s campus. The tuition fees for the social sciences track have been reduced from 2400 € to 2000 €. For the French language track, which has also had a reduction of the number of course hours, the tuition fees have been reduced from 2400 € to 1800 €.

INSEEC U. summer program 2020: Doing Diplomacy In Europe.

INSEEC U. also offers the following summer programs:

Here is a brief recap of the Summer Program:

  • Place: Paris, France, steps away from the Eiffel Tower
  • Date: July 2 to 30th 2020
  • Credits: 9-10 ECTS
  • Teaching methods: academic lectures, team projects and oral presentations
  • Please note that each program offer both cultural & company visits.
  • Language: Predominantly English
  • Tuition & Fees: 30% discount on the 1 900 E tuition fees.
  • Application Deadlines: April 15th 2020
  • Accommodation: we have agreements with homestay & residences.

More information available on our website: https://summerschool.inseec-u.com


HEC Paris summer school programs will be going ahead through distance learning: Apply now

Session 1: June 8

Session 2: June 22

Session 3: July 6

Online Summer School will enable participants to earn 7 ECTS credits, interact with peers and learn from Europe's n°1 business school, all from the comfort and safety of your own home.
All students from HEC Paris partner schools are exempt from the application fee.
Learning at the HEC Summer School will be an innovative, international and intellectually challenging experience.
HEC Paris summerschool@hec.fr

TBS Winter School Programs 2021 - Applications Open!

Applications are now open for our 4th Winter School

 In 2021 Students can choose from 4 Options :

TBS is proud to offer an academic program which focuses on European issues, helping students to understand the diversity and complexity of Europe. A high level of participation is expected from students, both in class and group activities, in order to reinforce the development of students’ cross-cultural communication skills in addition to their business knowledge.

Courses Include:

Cross Cultural Management, Corporate Finance in Europe, International Human Resources Management, Business & Competitive Strategy in Europe, International Marketing, Big Data, 

Digital Marketing, Strategic Management in Europe, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and more!  

All of our courses are taught 100% in English and are credit-bearing: 

On Campus Courses are worth 7 ECTS.

Online Courses are worth 6 ECTS

Syllabi are available on our websites : 

On Campus Program

Online Program

Program Fees* for Students from Partner Universities
Option 1 : Paris & Toulouse – 3 Week Program: 1950€
Option 2 : Paris Only –  10 Day Program: 1500€
Option 3: Toulouse Only – 9 Day Program: 1250€
Option 4: Online : 530€ / 980€
*Public Transport pass is included in the Program Fees.

Applications Deadlines:

On Campus: 13th November 2020

Online: 11th December 2020

To visit our online application form click here.

 Save the Date:

Invite your students to our next Q & A Webinars

Wednesday 16th September at 2:30pm : Link & Passcode: M4JNJ5

Wednesday 23rd September at 10:30am : Link & Passcode: 6eeRsc


Freie Universität Berlin European Studies Program (FU-BEST)

Freie Universität Berlin European Studies Program (FU-BEST) is to announce that our first free digital public lecture series has just started! Every Wednesday for the duration of our Fall Semester 2020, FU-BEST will present one of 12 subject course lectures in English as well as one of three live German language sessions online.

Each month is dedicated to a specific theme (see schedule online) which will be dealt with each Wednesday by different FU-BEST instructors from the perspective of their respective discipline (or German language level in the month of December). Students will thus be able to explore various facets of overarching issues and themes relevant to European Studies in Berlin and Germany today, in line with the interdisciplinary approach of our study abroad program.

Featured disciplines include history, literature, politics, law, architecture, business, philosophy, environmental studies, and many more;German language levels in the live sessions range from Beginner to Advanced. All lectures will offer insights into the instructors’ semester-long regular courses within the FU-BEST Program, their learning objectives and guiding research questions, and the way in which they integrate Berlin as a cultural and historical location into the semester.

All sessions are approx. 45 mins. long. The subject course lectures (September through November) are recorded in advance. The interactiveGerman language sessions (December) are presented live (students should register online until Nov. 29, 2020, to receive an access code for the live sessions).

For more information, please visit www.fubest.org/online.


Oxford University Department for Continuing Education offers a range of programmes on Humanities and Political studies. Below the summaries and links to each of their homepages.

History, Politics and Society
This programme studies the history of political thought and the development of society up to and including the contemporary world. Modules this year cover European history, as well the contemporary Middle East. Additionally some modules cover trans-regional topics, such as the history of warfare, economics and humanitarian aid.

English Literature
Examining literary movements and the work of significant literary figures from Chaucer to the present day. Seminar topics include Anglo-Saxon, Shakespeare, the English Romantic poets, Jane Austen, Victorian fiction, and contemporary writing.

Creative Writing
Offering specialist seminars including creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry, scriptwriting, and young adult fiction. This course is ideal for anyone wishing to explore and enhance their ability as a writer.

International Politics
This programme examines the recent history, issues and ideologies that shape the contemporary world. There are five modules that examine African Politics and Society, China and the Asian Pacific, Latin America, Russia and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


Luiss Summer University 2020

The Summer University 2020 courses will take place as scheduled, by virtue of a number of new measures that will enable the students to enjoy an educational experience in complete safety.

The Summer University 2020 courses will be held remotely online in synchronous mode, using a specific platform.

Each program offers the opportunity for intensive interdisciplinary study on avant-garde themes and combines theory and case studies together with the learning of strategies that can be applied to a wider range of environments.

The platform will also facilitate interaction with representatives from companies and institutions during the program activity. The students will also have the opportunity to get to know other students from all over the world with markedly different cultures, and to work in tandem with them using a peer-to-peer approach.

The courses will center on the following themes: International Management, Marketing,

Advanced Political and Social Sciences, Economics and Sport Management.

Key features

  • 12 online courses led by international academics and professionals
  • Duration of each course: from 1 to 3 weeks (28 hours per week)
  • Academic credits: 4 ECTS per week
  • Possibility to combine weekly modules from different programs
  • Promotional offer: more than 30% discount with respect to the usual fees
  • New fees: 690 €/795 € per week
  • Structure: Monday — Friday/Saturday (morning and afternoon)
  • Online classes, group discussions, case studies, presentations
Find all of the updated information on our website: https://programs.luiss.it/luiss-summer-university/

Bocconi Summer School for International University Students

Online Edition

Bocconi Summer School — Online Edition offers international undergraduate students the opportunity to experience Bocconi teaching for 3 weeks, from 29 June to 17 July 2020.

Summer School is the right move to:

Attend courses through an interactive platform, with teaching materials available online at any time

Develop your digital skills

Study in a flexible program: you can join streaming classes to get the best of interaction with professors and classmates, and rewatch asynchronous lectures to deepen your understanding and focus on specific topics
Get to know students from around the world and learn to work with peers from different countries and cultures

You can choose 1 course out of the 7 options available, each worth 6 credit points.

Applications will be accepting until 14 May 2020.

For any further information to email Bocconi Summer School Team at summerschool@unibocconi.it

Università Cattolica’s summer programs 2020

Università Cattolica’s summer programs are ideal to get a taste of Italy while studying in a traditional Italian educational context.

Language of instruction: English

Contact hours and credits:
45 contact hour per course / 6 ECTS credits each course
Students are required to be aware of the Academic Policies.

Special features:
A mix between practical and theoretical aspects, with a relevant experiential learning component (site/company visits) strictly related to the course to ensure a 360° direct experience of the subject.

Areas of study:

  • Business (Milan campus)
  • Marketing and Communication (Milan campus)
  • Cultural studies (Milan campus)
  • International Relations (Milan campus)
  • Agribusiness and Food Sciences (Piacenza campus)
  • Health Sciences (Rome campus)

Application deadline: April 15, 2020.


Experiencing Summer in Italy

Università Cattolica is thrilled to announce that the applications for our next Summer Programs in Italy’s ultimate student destination are open!

Our programs are ideal to get a taste of the country while studying at a traditional and internationally recognized European institution.

Students will be able to choose between our areas of study (Business, Marketing, Communication & Media, Cultural Studies, International Relations, Cinema, Agribusiness and Food Sciences) and combine them in a 2, 4, 6 or 8 week session in different Italian cities (Milan, Piacenza).

Visit our website for the detailed syllabus that will hopefully assist you and the faculty members identify the correspondences with what your prestigious institution offers your students and therefore facilitate students’ mobility.

What is included in each course:

  • 45 contact hours / 6 ECTS credits
  • Lessons completely taught in English
  • Mix between practical and theoretical aspects, with a relevant experiential learning (organized site visits in agencies, businesses, offices that all strictly relate tot the course
  • Teaching staff composed by professors and professionals
  • 4 days in class + 1 day site visit (agencies, businesses, offices, etc.)

The Meiji University Law in Japan. Summer 2020

The Meiji University Law in Japan Program is an introductory summer short course for foreign students and graduates who are interested in studying Japanese law in its historical and cultural context. The program mainly focuses on contemporary issues and comparative perspectives in Japanese law. Participants also have a chance to enhance their learning through field trips.

This program is an excellent opportunity to gain a sound understanding of the Japanese legal system. It opens educational opportunities to beginners who do/did not major in law, but are interested and willing to learn it through this two-week summer intensive course.



EGADE Business School is offering this upcoming summer 2020, a two week — two cities program fully in English in Mexico City and in Guadalajara. The program includes lectures, workshops, cultural & companies visits, among others interesting activities that will immerse the students in the Latin American mindset.
The main topic of this summer program is «Strategic Innovation & Entrepreneurship in LATAM»

Student profile: Graduate level. Students of MBA, MSc & MiM programs.
Overview: The Summer program provides a framework and guide based on Latin American successful companies, in order to create an entrepreneurial and inno­vative culture within organizations by the introduction and learning of new techniques and tools to identify and develop cutting edge products and/or services. The first week at Mexico City is focused in getting to know the frame and strategies that allowed Latin American companies to develop and expand successfully in international markets. The last week at Guadalajara, students will be submerged in an innova­tive and entrepreneurial environment that will lead them to a pathway full of techniques, tools and key processes useful to make their ideas tangible and profitable.
Program Dates: July 6 — 17, 2020
Investment: $2,900 usd (includes tuition, lodging in a shared room, breakfast & lunch, transportation during the event & from Mexico City to Guadalajara).
Application deadline: March 30, 2020
Any question or comment or more information about the Program — contact Ana Lorena Mendoza ( ana.lorena.mendoza@tec.mx )

Летние программы в Монтеррей, Мексика

TEC DE MONTERREY предлагает летние курсы для студентов.
Даты программы: с 1 по 26 июля
Срок подачи заявок: 24 мая
Стоимость и обучение
3600 долларов США для самостоятельных студентов
1600 долларов США для студентов, назначеных партнерскими учреждениями.
Программа включает в себя:

  • 2 курса (10 ECTS, 6 кредитов США)
  • Жилье (гостиница и резиденция кампуса)
  • Полный транспорт для всех мероприятий во время программы и между городами.
  • Завтрак (6 дней в неделю)
  • Билеты на все мероприятия программы
Подробная информация на сайте: isummer@itesm.mx

TEC DE MONTERREY will offer this year very exiting Summer courses for international students and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome them onto our campus.

Please share this information. More details can be sent by the people whom.

We look forward to seeing your students this Summer!


Singapore Management University Global Summer Programme 2020

Сингапурский университет управления приглашает студентов из России на летние курсы обучения, которые пройдут в университете с 29 июня по 24 июля 2020 г.

Информацию о курсах, форму заявки можно найти сайте — https://www.smu.edu.sg/global/global-programmes/global-summer-programme/overview 


В 2019/20 учебном году осуществляется прием на обучение и повышение квалификации в Словацкой Республике российских студентов (5 месяцев), аспирантов и научно-педагогических работников (до 10 месяцев).
Информация на английском и словацком языках, анкета и список документов для словацкой стороны.
Информация по вопросу заполнения документов.
Документы для российской стороны и словацкой стороны необходимо направить по адресу: Люсиновская ул., д. 51, Москва, 117997.
Контактное лицо: Ольга Дмитриевна Полещук, тел.: +7 495 788-65-91 , e-mail: poleshchuk@list.ru
Срок окончания приема документов — 1 марта.



The offer of Spanish courses for this summer (July and September) from the Centro Complutense para la Enseñanza del Español (CCEE). This year, for the known reasons, our courses will be telematic. The teachers of the different subjects will connect daily with their students to explain the contents, to develop the practices and exercises and to make sure, as always, that all students learn Spanish in an easy and fun way.

The registration period will remain open until Wednesday 1st July.

Information (*.pdf/ *.ppsx)

TBS Business School Summer School Programs 2020!  

  • Single Summer School – TBS Toulouse campus – 11th June – 1st July 2020
  • Single Summer School – TBS Barcelona campus – 6th– 24th July 2020
  • Joint Summer School – TBS Toulouse & Barcelona campuses – 11th June – 24th July 2020
  • Joint Summer School – TBS Toulouse & University of Ljubljana – 11th June – 24th July 2020 



  • Big Data & Marketing Analytics
  • Strategic Marketing - Luxury Marketing & Branding Trends in France and Europe
  • Cross-Cultural Management & Leadership in International Business
  • International Banking & Finance
  • Business and Competitive Strategy in Europe
  • International Marketing : Focus on Europe & France
  • Supply Chain Management & International Negotiation
  • International Human Resource Management


  • Digital Marketing Integrating Social Media : The Case of France
  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic Management in Europe 


  • Fashion & Luxury Goods
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • New Venture Financing

For the Joint Toulouse & Ljubljana Summer School students can select 4 courses offered on the TBS and Ljubljana Summer Schools and earn upto 26 ECTS over the 6 weeks.  More information about our Joint Programs on our website: http://www.tbs-education.fr/en/Summer-school.
Company visits, Social & Cultural activities are organized for students to discover business culture, the local area, get to know each other, and enjoy themselves.
Applications now open on website:  https://apply.tbs-education.fr/Public/ListSession.aspx?ProgrammeCode=INTERNATIONAL

Program Fees:
Single Summer School Programs: 1100€*
Joint Summer Schools Programs from 2300€* with transport included
Accommodation from 505€ for 3 weeks
*Partner University discount included
Application Deadlines :
Toulouse Single and Joint Summer Programs Early Bird Registration Deadline: 27th March 2020
Barcelona Single Summer School Early Bird Registration Deadline : 17th April 2020
Toulouse Single and Joint Programs Final Registration Deadline: 24th April 2020
Barcelona Single Final Registration Deadline: 15th May 2020
For more detailed information about the program, visit website: http://www.tbs-education.fr/en/Summer-school.


Представительство в Москве Тайбэйско-Московской координационной комиссии по экономическому и культурному сотрудничеству представляет стипендиальную программу "Taiwan Scholarship". Это обучение не языку, а на степень: бакалавриат, магистратура, аспирантура.

Гранты Центра китаистики Национальной библиотеки Тайваня для иностранных исследователей в области китайского языка


Summer Study Abroad

Join Elliott School Professors Christopher Kojm, Rhea Siers, and Tobias Greiff in an information session on study abroad programs in Bosnia, Israel, and Scandinavia next summer.
These programs are open to Elliott School undergraduate and graduate students.

Universita’ Cattolica Online Winter Programmes: Applications are open
Application for the Online Winter Programmes are now open!
2 and 3 week courses (44 hours, 6 ECTS) will run in January and your students will also be able to add an internship component.
Courses available

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Geopolitics and technological changes: the future today
  • Personal Branding: Impact, Influence and Effectiveness in the Workplace
  • Business, Government and the Global Economy
  • Green Management and Sustainability

Highlight — Virtual Internships available
Career readiness is key for students. Through this online experience, they will be able to develop professional skills in a real work environment, increasing their chances for future employment.
Students will be able to customize their experience. From 6 to 12 weeks, 20 or 30 hours per week, online placements will be available in specific fields in Italian companies after the completion of one academic course.
The application deadline is November 15.