Future World Diplomats

Faculty: School of Government and International Affairs (ИМОиУ)
Coordinator: Dr. Yan Vaslavskiy
President: Christian A. Wollny
E-Mail: fwd.mgimo@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/futureworlddiplomats
VKontakte: www.vk.com/futureworlddiplomats
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FWD_MGIMO
Instagram: www.instagram.com/fwd_mgimo

Founded in 2015, FWD is a student-led organization centered on the field of international relations and diplomacy. Our aim is simple: The facilitation of free and open-minded communication between future diplomats and organizations both at our home university of MGIMO and abroad. In the interest of achieving this goal, we have defined several tenements which we believe are integral to the success of all of our organization and its members.

Our mission is to gain a better understanding of the world by putting forth invitations to diplomats and experts who may then pass on their knowledge and wisdom to our organization and its guests, through the process of lectures and forums. We seek to provide workshops and training in all spheres of diplomacy, encourage networking, and the facilitation of relations between both future diplomats themselves, and those companies and organizations which may provide us with a path to success.