Current Situation and Forecasts for the World Automotive Market

Current Situation and Forecasts for the World Automotive Market

Авторы: Загребельная Наталья Станиславовна
Zagrebelnaya N.S. Current Situation and Forecasts for the World Automotive Market /  N.S.Zagrebelnaya // Russian International Studies. Volume 1, Number 2. 2016. - pp. 161-171

This article analyses the current situation of the global automotive market and studied forecasts for its further development until 2020-2030. The article also presents the dynamics of production and sales of cars in the world in general and passengers cars in particular, for the 2005-2014 period. The article delves into the distribution of the car production and sales in different countries, reveals the contribution of leading automobile alliances to the growth of the world automotive market. The overall analysis is supported by the parameters of mergers and acquisitions that took place in the global auto market in 2005-2014, and examples of the world’s largest transactions made in the first half of 2015.

The modern global car market is characterized by an upward trend that is projected to be maintained for the next ten years. The growth of world output and auto sales was due, above all, to the development of automotive markets in developing countries, China, India and Mexico. China is the largest automobile market in the world, which is twice as big as the US automotive market, while the size of the Chinese market will continue to grow in the future.

The leading company in the global automotive market is Toyota, however, according to the forecasts, Volkswagen will have replaced it by 2020.

The current trend of the global car market includes also a revitalization of mergers and acquisitions. The main buyers in the first place are European and Asian car companies, and the target companies are US car makers. The growth in the number and value of mergers and acquisitions in the global automotive market, in general, is supported mainly by the large transactions in this sector.

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