Коробков Андрей Владимирович

Коробков Андрей Владимирович

Коробков Андрей Владимирович

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Middle Tennessee State University, August 2015 — present.

Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Middle Tennessee State University, July 2010 — present.


Ph. D. (Political Science), The University of Alabama, Department of Political Science, 1999 (Dissertation topic: «The Dynamics of Dissolution: Causes, Manifestations, and Ethnic and Migratory Consequences of the End of the Soviet Union for Russia and the Newly-Independent States»)

Ph. D. (Economics), Institute of International Economic and Political Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 1988 (Dissertation topic: «The Yugoslav Economic Reform and the Issue of Decentralization»)

Recent Publications

«Why Trump Backtracks on His Russia Policy.» Russia Direct. March 14, 2017.
«Trump’s First Days in Office Aggravate Political Crisis in the US.» Russia Direct. February 2, 2017.
«What Obama’s Foreign Policy Legacy Means for Trump?» Russia Direct. November 25, 2016.
«Prezidentskaia Kampaniia 2016 g. kak Otrazhenie Sistemnogo Krizisa Amerikanskogo Obshchestva» («The 2016 Presidential Campaign as a Reflection of the US Society’s Systemic Crisis.») Rethinking Russia. November 14, 2016.
«Amerikanskii Yel’tsin» («The American Yeltsin»). Rossiia v Global’noi Politike. 14 November 2016. 
«Krupneishie Migratsionnye Sistemy Mira: Obshchie Trendy i Razlichiia» («The Largest Migratory Systems of the World: Common Trends and Differences»). In: Geografiia Mirovogo Khoziaistva Perspektivy: Traditsii, Sovremennost’, Perspektivy (Geography of the World Economy: Traditions, Present, Perspectives). V. A. Kolosov and N. A. Sluka, eds. Moscow and Smolensk: Oykumena Publishers, 2016, 313-27.
«Posle Vyborov» («After the Elections»). Rossiia v Global’noi Politike. 9 September 2016.
«The Cold War Mentality and the US Presidential Campaign.» Russia Direct. 25 August 2016.
«Spory o Migratsii: Sotsial’no-Ekonomicheskie Aspekty» (Migration Debates: Social and Economic Aspects.«) Rethinking Russia. August 8, 2016.
«What Would be the Policies of a President Trump?» Russia Direct. July 20, 2016.
«The 2016 US Presidential Race Holds Some Surprises for Russia.» Russia Direct. February 20, 2016.
«BRICS Members and the Migration Challenge.» Tractus Aevorum 2 (2) Fall/Winter 2015, 3-23.
«US-Russia Relations in 2015: From Confrontation to Limited Cooperation.» Russia Direct. 28 December 2015 (co-authored with Pavel Koshkin).

Andrei V. Korobkov

Department of Political Science and International Relations, Box 29
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro TN 37132 USA
Ph. 615-898-2945 office; 615-473-2375 cell, Fax 615-898-5460
E-mail: Andrei.Korobkov@mtsu.edu, korobk6@aol.com

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