Нараленков Кирилл Михайлович

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Нараленков Кирилл Михайлович

к.физ.-мат.н., доцент


  • математика,
  • линейная алгебра,
  • математический анализ,
  • теория вероятностей и математическая статистика,
  • дискретная математика,
  • методы оптимальных решений,
  • эконометрика,
  • эконометрика II

Associate Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Econometrics and Information Technologies, MGIMO University


Certificate of Associate Professor Bauman State Technical University, Moscow. Department of Applied Mathematics.

Ph.D. Moscow State University, Mathematics. Thesis title: Generalized integrals of the Riemann-Stieltjes type and a formula for integration by parts.

M.Sc. Moscow State University, Mathematics. Thesis title: On integration by parts for the Henstock-Stieltjes integral.

Research interests:

Non-absolute integration (Henstock-Kurzweil, Denjoy) with applications to functional analysis
Banach space geometry
Measure theory and its connection to integration theory

Teaching experience:

My teaching experience spans seventeen years and three universities. I have taught elementary algebra, geometry and calculus, linear algebra, first and second year calculus, functional analysis, probability and statistics, ordinary and partial differential equations, complex analysis, differential geometry, discrete mathematics, game theory, fundamental methods of mathematical economics, and econometrics. These courses have ranged from elementary for general students, to advanced for mathematics majors. Class sizes run from 6 to 40. My teaching duties have included lecturing; running tutorials; making up and grading exams, tests, quizzes and assignments; master’s thesis supervision. I have taught students of mathematics, business, geophysics, chemistry and engineering. With my teaching experience as a point of reference, I have written two textbooks on trigonometric Fourier series and functional analysis.

Teaching interests:

Using mathematics seminar courses and written assignments to improve student reading, writing and speaking ability

Teaching mathematics to non-mathematicians, such as business or engineering students

Professional affiliation:

American Mathematical Society, since January 2007.

Reviewer for the Mathematical Reviews, since January 2007.

Reviewer for the Zentralblatt MATH, since September 2012.


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