Олейнов Антон Геннадьевич

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Олейнов Антон Геннадьевич

д.экон.н., доцент

Образование: МГИМО МИД России.

Сфера профессиональных интересов: международная экономика и международная политэкономия

Anton G. Oleynov

Professor, Doctor of Science (Economics)

Education and Degrees:

  • June 2013 — Doctor of Science in Economics, IMEMO RAS, Russia
  • March, 2003 — Ph.D. in International Economics, MGIMO-University, Russia
  • June 2000 — Diploma of Specialist in Foreign Economic Relations, MGIMO-University, Russia
  • June 1999 — Diploma of Bachelor in Business Economics, MGIMO-University, Russia

Employment and Academic Record:

  • 2015 — present — Professor, Department of World Economy, MGIMO-University, Russia
  • 2011 — 2015 — Associate Professor, Department of Economic Policy and Public-Private Partnership, MGIMO-University, Russia
  • November 2010 — present Program Director / Scientific Supervisor, Bachelor’s Degree Program «International relations: politics, economy, business», The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russia
  • 2007 — 2012 — Member of the Academic Council of MGIMO-University, Russia
  • 2007 — 2009 Head of Directorate, Directorate of Master’s Degree Programs, MGIMO, Russia
  • 2006 — 2011 — Associate Professor, Department of Applied Analysis of International Issues, MGIMO-University, Russia
  • December 2009 — Visiting Scholar, J.F.Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA
  • February — May 2007 — Visiting Fellow, Clare Hall, Cambridge University, UK
  • 2003 — 2007 — Deputy Dean, School of International Relations, MGIMO-University, Russia
  • 2003 — 2006 — Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Department of World Economy, MGIMO-University, Russia
  • October — December 2005 — Visiting Research Scholar, Department of Political Science, the State University of New York at Binghamton, USA
  • October 2003 — April 2004 — Invited Lecturer, Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia
  • June — August 2006 — Program Coordinator, Program in Science, Technology and International Relations, MGIMO — The Neil D. Levin Institute, SUNY, New York City, USA
  • 2005 — 2006 — Program Coordinator, Program in International Relations, MGIMO -Università degli Studi di Messina (UNIME), Italy

Teaching experience:
  • Graduate: World Economic Issues, World Energy Issues, Economic Analysis of Political Issues
  • Undergraduate: Russian Economy, EU Economy, World Economy, World Energy Complex, Economics of Politics, Economics of International Relations
  • MBA: World Energy Issues



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Book Chapters:

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